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Wyndham Worldwide Dinner Event
Written by Candice Dittmann:
WOW! Where to start? I don’t think the English language has developed the words to describe how perfect the evening was. Everything was beyond perfect. The room looked stunning, thank you for the recommendations of Flowers Vasette, they did a stunning job, and the room looked just how I pictured it in my dreams.
demo-pic The food was completely divine, though that was never in question. Your Chefs were so very kind and accommodating catering for a few last minute requests from the group, and their patience and kindness was personally very much appreciated. Each course was mind blowing and the guests spoke about the dinner for the remainder of the event. The little lemon slices at the end, were a big surprise for the guests, and they were wowed like children on Christmas morning. Such a lovely touch and a fun memory for the guests.
However, no matter how stunning the view, how spectacular the food and how captivating the theatrics, nothing could ever compare or come close to the service. I have been fortunate enough to work in the service industry for over 20 years, I am lucky to be able to host Events such as this on a very regular basis and I have experienced some wonderful venues. But none have come close to the level of service I experience at Vue de Monde, I am truly lost for words when I try and describe the Event staff. It is more a feeling, they made me feel at home, completely relaxed and at ease. Not for one moment did I doubt that they had everything under control. Nothing was too much trouble, nothing was hard or frustrating, every request was happily accommodated and handled with grace and poise. I know behind the scenes this would not have been the case, but you never would have known.
I am indebted to the wonderful staff both in and out of the kitchen that looked after my group for our Gala Dinner, it was absolute heaven, I am immensely grateful and I truly cannot express enough how completely sensational you all are. You should all be very proud. You made something that was always going to be beautiful, wonderful and awe inspiring, even more, and that is not an easy task.
The Wedding of Erin and Ben
Written by Erin Shaw:
Our wedding day was a sunny Sunday afternoon. The ceremony was held at The Royal Botanical Gardens; we had picked a lovely location under a tree where we invited 60 of our closest friends and family to witness Ben and I exchange our vows and become Mr and Mrs. We held a simple civil ceremony where we wrote our own personal vows. At the end of the ceremony my Dad made a special toast to wish us the best of luck as a married couple. While the guests made their way to Vue Events at Rialto, Ben and I, along with the bridal party, remained in the gardens and had our photos taken by our wonderful photographer where she ensured we made the most of the beautiful surroundings.
demo-pic The reception was absolutely overwhelming, our guests were seated around one long table where they looked out over the city. We were lucky enough for the lights to be on at Melbourne Park and the MCG so the view was just amazing. Beautiful blue hydrangeas and tea light candles ran down the middle of the table to give a romantic feel. Our guests enjoyed a 5 course degustation meal on Level 55 ; there wasn’t a guest that could pick a favourite course as they loved every single one. A highlight of the evening was when the guests were served desserts on the Lui Bar which included my favorite dessert by Shannon Bennett – Vue de monde Lamingtons . The staff at Vue de monde went over and beyond what Ben and I expected. Our family and friends were all very impressed with the food, service and overall day as well.
We have amazing pictures and a beautiful video to reflect on each and every day to remind us of how wonderful and happy Ben and I were on January 27th 2013.
The Wedding of Melania and Nicholas
Written by Melania Hiluta:
We had a traditional Ukrainian religious ceremony which featured many unique touches. The most solemn moment was when our hands were bound with a special embroided cloth and crowns were placed on our heads. We then walked around the altar three times, a custom with signifies eternity and our first important steps as a married couple. To us, this was one of the most beautiful moments of our entire day.
Our theme at Vue Events at Rialto was wood-inspired, which started from our invitations which were literally made of wood. The earthy tables were complemented by wooden centre pieces (all hand made by my father) which formed the basis of the gorgeous floral design.
demo-pic The food was naturally amazing, and whilst we had the option of up to 7 courses, we decided that 4 courses would probably be more appropriate for our style of wedding. The last thing we wanted was for people to have to constantly sit down to eat - weddings are for dancing too!
Vue Events constructed a macaron tree decorated with individual macarons along with an amazing giant macaron cake, from pomegranate and raspberry, especially for us to cut. Our individual macarons were pistachio, pomegranate, caramel and orange flavoured, and our guests ate every single macaron. A keepsake for our guests was their own personalised menu, which was a lovely touch, and Shannon even signed our copy.
One of the our memorable parts of our wedding day was the amazing view of Melbourne from Level 55 of the Rialto. and there were even fireworks, which was a real treat for all our guests. We had the most perfect day, and loved every minute of it!!