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Lunch can be quick and to the point but sometimes long and lingering is preferred. Each of our venues offers a variety of lunch time options to suit your guests and occasion be it a strict timeline corporate working lunch, a special indulgent celebration or an informal family affair.

Each of our venues provides a different experience - at Rialto it’s 55th floor views and sleek modern feel, at Bistro Vue the ambiance is one of intimate and traditional French style and Jardin Tan is bright, playful and contemporary.
For details on each of our venues and what they offer for lunch please see below
An impressive way to entertain, educate, thank or network - choose from the Darwin and Lady Nelson rooms at Vue Events or the Dom Perignon Room within Vue de monde. Party sizes ranging from 8 to 160 guests can be easily accommodated and time frames and budgets worked to. Whilst we love the return of the long lunch we also understand that time and a work agenda can also be a high priority.
Bistro Vue
A favourite with corporates for its straight forward menu and service and its convenient location, lunches at Bistro Vue are low fuss, easy to please and driven by choice and convenience. The private ‘Wine Room’ offers privacy, discretion and easy interaction between guests and accommodates up to 48 in comfort.
Piggery Café
A lingering lunch in the surrounds of Burnham Beeches is something quite spectacular. Book your long lunch event with us today and explore a series of dining options fit for a king or queen with an Afternoon Tea menu that rivals the best in Australia.
Jardin Tan
Set aside one of our spaces for your next business lunch and experience the buzzing sensibility of Jardin Tan by day. Choose the Glasshouse away from the main area or the bar area overlooking the Beer Garden to name a few options.